Car Wash with Internet Cafe!

I just read an article that shows how an Internet Cafe might help in boosting one’s revenue in the car wash service business. I like this idea because one thing that I don’t want when having my car cleaned is the “waiting time”. Some car wash don’t have anything to keep the customer occupied… Some just have a smoking area (I don’t smoke). Most car wash have magazines like men’s magazines, health magazines and those that are mature in content trying to kill time.

But someone like me who wants to be productive even while waiting, an Internet Cafe is the answer! I can check my emails, connect with friends via Facebook, check my online earnings, write this post, order flowers for my wife online 🙂 The possibilities are endless.

I would definitely go to a carwash with an internet cafe and will keep on coming back.

Below is an excerpt from http://easley.patch.com/articles/premier-car-wash-and-lube-celebrates-ribbon-cutting#photo-10215296

Premier Car Wash offers its customers a feature you don’t typically see in a car wash – an Internet cafe for customers to use.

“When I opened in Seneca, I said to myself, ‘A customer is going to come here and get their car washed and if you’re going to clean the car properly, depending on where the customer is in line, it’s going to take 10-20 minutes,’” Colon said. “My goal was, how can I occupy customers’ time and make it as painless as possible?”

The Internet cafe was the answer.

“With the Internet cafe, they’re free to go on there and surf online, check their email, book a flight,” Colon said.

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