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Internet Cafe Business Plan Ultimate Tips

You can find internet cafe business plan tips for entrepreneurs who are considering starting an internet cafe shop here. Know the “how” not just the “what”!

The One Thing You Need the Most in Starting an Internet Cafe

You are now reading this because you are interested in having your own internet cafe in the Philippines or in any part of the world. But guess what, your “interest” is not enough to have your dream come into reality. In my opinion (no statistics really but base on personal observation): Less than 10% of …

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Internet Cafe Financial Statement ROI Calculator Tool

Any entrepreneur’s goal is to earn profit that is why financial statements and forecasts are important. So let’s start with me SHOWING YOU THE MONEY for an internet cafe. I have created this free tool for you to easily see if an internet cafe business (on certain business factors like pricing, operational hours etc.) is …

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Car Wash with Internet Cafe!

I just read an article that shows how an Internet Cafe might help in boosting one’s revenue in the car wash service business. I like this idea because one thing that I don’t want when having my car cleaned is the “waiting time”. Some car wash don’t have anything to keep the customer occupied… Some …

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Internet Cafe as a Training Center

There are people who make a living by providing trainings, seminars etc. Especially those who already have certification in their field. Popular are technology based trainings like Autocad, Programming Languages, Network technologies etc. Now, what do these trainors don’t have but internet cafe owners have? Obviously it’s the computers, chairs, tables and the place itself. …

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What is an Internet Cafe Project?

Imagine this. Somewhere out there, Juan dela Cruz who have been working as an employee for around 30 years of his life finally decided to be his own boss. He is now thinking to go into business. He is thinking to put up an internet café. But he don’t know nothing about starting a business or …

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Internet Cafe Profitability – Philippine Market

In my previous post, I’ve discussed CU or computer uptime which is generally affected by your selected local market (i.e. immediately within your area). But it is also good to know the national market, how is the iCafe doing in the Philippines in general. We want to know current customer and market trend. By knowing the

How to Estimate Computer Daily Uptime

How do you estimate the average operational hours per computer per day of an Internet Café?

I call this as “Computer Uptime” (CU) with a unit of measure of hours/day. This metric is one of the most, if not THE most important metric an internet café owner should know before putting up his business…