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Internet Cafe Business Plan Ultimate Tips

You can find internet cafe business plan tips for entrepreneurs who are considering starting an internet cafe shop here. Know the “how” not just the “what”!

Microsoft Rental Rights Agreement for Internet Cafes

Did you know that as an internet cafe owner, you can not just have your computers rented out if you are using any Microsoft Windows Operating System? If you will read the End-User Licensing Agreement of your Microsoft Windows O.S. You will find out that Windows may not be used commercially. That is why it …

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Build Your Own Computer – The Computer Case

Select the computer case that suits your needs. For an internet café, you will definitely need space for you to upgrade or expand your computer. Especially if you are more of a gaming internet café. Once there are new software, applications or games that are released they usually require higher specs for your computer. It …

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Antivirus: Protect your system, customers and your business

An antivirus program basically is like a vaccine that protects your computer system from virtual viruses. These viruses (which are actually programs created by bad people) are basically designed to ruin your system in one way or the other. For an internet cafe there are several potential harm it can do to your business. They can …

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How to Get the Best Deal on Computer Purchase

Online Classified Ads and Buy and Sell websites are the way to go nowadays to get the best deal on computer purchases. Popular online classified ads websites in the Philippines are AyosDito (i.e. This place is great) and Sulit (i.e. it’s worth it). But internationally we have eBay and Craiglist. When I bought my computers …

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