Facebook Search Engine

Facebook Search Engine?

Yeah you heard it right! Rumors spreading like wildfire, Facebook wants to have a piece of the pie that currently Google dominates. And it is about to be confirmed today.

It is not a surprise really to expect a Facebook search engine. Being the number one site for social media, having billions of users, it is but logical for Facebook to enter the arena of search engines.

For you who doesn’t know what’s in it for Facebook, it’s simply money. Money from advertisers.

The current advertising program of Facebook is limited although unique. It doesn’t give the current need of the user. Say I want to buy an iphone, I’ll usually go to Google and search for a quick review before buying… and maybe see some iphone ads. And upon clicking those ads, Google will earn money from those advertisers. And that is exactly what Facebook wants by having its own search engine.

Let’s see if the product launch will be a success. Facebook search engine vs Google, I see Manny Pacquiao’s early days in boxing competing with the legends. And some part of us, as humans, we want to see David and Goliath… the underdog beating the big bad wolf. And certainly, Google has been very bad to most people because of its monopoly like figure in the world wide web.

Facebook Search Engine on Internet Cafes

So how will this affect an internet cafe? Ofcourse once Facebook search engine comes out, you need to set it as the default search engine on your browsers! Check how your customers responds with it. I’m pretty sure that it will have a very familiar interface with Facebook social media or it might be integrated with it. Who knows.

I’ll be updating this post once I hear news about Facebook search engine product launch today. See yah!

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