How to Estimate Computer Daily Uptime

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How do you estimate the average operational hours per computer per day of an Internet Café?

I call this as “Computer Uptime” (CU) with a unit of measure of hours/day. This metric is one of the most, if not THE most important metric an internet café owner should know before putting up his business. It gives you an immediate idea of the business’ income by just multiplying the rental fee and the number of computer units you have.


  • CU = 5 hours a day
  • Rentals = Php 50 per hours
  • Number of Computer Units = 20
  • Income = 5 hrs/day X Php50/hr X 20 = Php 5,000/day

The trouble with so many internet café feasibility studies, they don’t present any method of how their CU was derived. They just simply “assume” and cross their finger or kiss their lucky charm that their project’s CU is 12 hours a day each and every day of the year.

Of course in real life CU varies every day and every month. But you can get the “average” CU for each month. Your average CU in a year should be at least four (quarterly) and at most twelve (monthly). This is necessary because there are factors that affects your CU for each of the 12 month of the year depending on your market. Example, if 80% of your market are college students, you should anticipate a decrease in your CU on the month wherein there are no classes.

Now how can you estimate your CU? In my ebook, I’ll show you a process in determining this without using overly complicated methods (e.g. qualitative, quantitative method etc.) nor without overly simplifying it (e.g. guessing game, simple observation of foot traffic, hunch etc.). It comes with a spreadsheet and checklist to speedup your computations and simplify your research.

To your success! – Chazper