How to Get the Best Deal on Computer Purchase

Online Classified Ads and Buy and Sell websites are the way to go nowadays to get the best deal on computer purchases. Popular online classified ads websites in the Philippines are AyosDito (i.e. This place is great) and Sulit (i.e. it’s worth it). But internationally we have eBay and Craiglist.

When I bought my computers in 2004, I wanted to get the best deal on computer units that are built for gaming. And the only way I know back then is to request for a quotation for the computer specification I wanted from top computer suppliers near my place (keeping in mind that I want them to deliver the computers to my shop, not all computer suppliers do have delivery especially if your place is far from their warehouse or shop). I did this through email, phone call and personally going in to the computer shop. It’s so much hassle!

But now, everything can be done on online classified ads (eBay, Sulit, AyosDito) or online shopping sites (e.g. Multiply). There are plenty of vendors you can choose from. You can drive the cost of your purchase and get the best deal if you follow these simple tips.

Nice To Have (Optional):

1. Credit Card

2. PayPal Account link to your Credit Card (for safe online transactions like on eBay. If you don’t have one yet, here’s the link and apply one – it’s free and easy!)

Must Have:

1. Account to at least three popular online classified ads in your place (e.g. Sulit, AyosDito, eBay)

2. Required computer specifications


1. If you don’t have a list of computer specification, you can Google one. Check out other computer vendors site, usually they have computer “packages”. You then copy the specs for each of these packages then go to next step.

2. Post your list of computer specs to all of these online classified ads. You should be posting it under  “Looking for”,  “Buying” or similar categories… NOT in the “selling” section.

3. Do not leave your contact number or email. You want them to post their quotation on your ads itself! The reason for this is to drive down cost, this is like a “reverse auction”. In other sites, there’s a specific way to do this… check them out. This way you can determine who provides the lowest cost.

4. Don’t forget to mention your “demands” in your ad. Like warranties, free delivery, free network setup upon delivery, free shop visit for repairs and other freebies. Remember, you are buying not just one computer from them. If you are buying 10 computers from them, the more you will be sought after these suppliers.

5. You should make sure that your selected online vendor has their own “physical” shop. They are more credible and you can always visit them if you have problems.

6. Once you posted your “ads to buy”, check for computer vendor ads by searching “computer package”, “computer for sale” and other related terms. Read their ads and leave a comment asking them to check your “ads to buy” and politely ask them to leave a message for their offer price. Don’t just wait for your “ads to buy” to be seen by computer vendors.

7. Wait for a while (a day) then revisit your ads and check if there are inquiries from vendors. Answer them as soon as possible. Once you have determine top two or three vendors, visit their shop and talk to a real person before making any payment.

8. Remember to close your ads down once you have found a best deal on computer your shop needs based on your internet cafe setup (i.e. gaming, surfing or both). Leave a feedback on the site once transaction is complete, ask them also to give you feedback. This builds reputation that you can use on future online purchases.

9. Revisit this site and let us know how it goes. Leave feedback and help other internet cafe entrepreneurs! 🙂

Below is a sample ad to buy ten computers:


I’m looking to buy ten desktops for my new internet cafe business to be located in Mandaluyong. Please provide me your best quote for the following specifications. You can provide alternative brand and/or offer better specs as long as it doesn’t go above Php17k per unit.

Processor: <insert your own> (example: AMD 3GHz)

Monitor: <insert your own> (example: 18.5 LED /Note: gamers like big monitors!)

Motherboard: <insert your own> (example: ASROCK A55M-HVS or ask vendor to provide their suggestion)

Memory: <insert your own>(example: 4GB DDR3)

Hard disk: <insert your own>(example: 250 Gig)

Video Card: <insert your own>(example: 1 GIG)

Please bundle it with your best accessories: Keyboard, optical mouse, headset, AVR, recommended switch/routers and network cables

I’m looking for a vendor who can provide the following service free upon purchase:

  1. Free delivery to my shop
  2. Warranty
  3. Installation of O.S. (I’ll provide)
  4. Network Setup of the 10 computers
  5. Others – please specify

I will only consider vendors with physical shops. Please leave your best price and contact details here.

If you have questions, feel free to drop a comment. Goodluck and mabuhay! 🙂