Internet Cafe as a Training Center

There are people who make a living by providing trainings, seminars etc. Especially those who already have certification in their field. Popular are technology based trainings like Autocad, Programming Languages, Network technologies etc.

Now, what do these trainors don’t have but internet cafe owners have? Obviously it’s the computers, chairs, tables and the place itself. Just add a projector and a whiteboard or blackboard for your internet cafe and you can turn it into a training center wherein these trainors can rent from you.

What you need is just to properly present your icafe like a classroom type setup. Remove the game posters before the scheduled date of training and you are ready to go.

This setup is ideal for breaktime icafe types wherein few number of customers are coming in during night time and weekends. You can turn this weakness into strength by making your iCafe available for rent as a training center at those times. Especially those iCafe’s whose main customers are students wherein they experience a very significant drop in their sales during vacations and holidays. You can organize or provide tutorial classes, just hire competent teachers/tutors and advertise through your local cable network or newspapers (you can even go online if you are in a major city).

You can find a perfect example wherein this opportunity is very much possible for iCafes on the Philippines Information Agency website. ILO-IPEC will conduct a hands-on training on Child Labor Knowledge Sharing System this coming October 28, 2011 at Mharina Rossi’s Internet Café, Catarman, Northern Samar.

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