Internet Cafe City Ordinance – Philippines

There are city ordinances being implemented to regulate the operations of internet cafes in the Philippines. Depending on the city, regulations varies. Below are just some of the major cities with their corresponding city ordinance regulating their internet cafes. As an investor, you need to consider this in your overall business plan. How will regulations affect your business?

City City Ordinance No. Age/Group Time Restrictions Reference
Valenzuela No. 13, series of 211 Below 18 years old 1:00am to 4:00pm link
Marikina No. 145, series of 2006 Section 13 Students, below 18 years. old

Enter the premises wearing school uniform and/or during school hours (except students who will be doing research work / school work in internet cafes or computer rental shops during vacant / free school hours).

Enter the premises during school hours

Must present Identification Cards (I.D.) and class schedule duly issued by the Registrar’s Office.


Davao City Ordinance No. 0227-04 Elementary and High School Students, below 18years old

During their class hours unless for specific educational or study purposes such as data research or statistical gathering.



Lapu-Lapu City City Ordinance 363-2006 Students, minors 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, including Saturdays if there are special classes on that day linklink2
Zamboanga City City Ordinance No. 32. Students, minors Prohibit students to go inside the café and play during class hours from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday and prohibit minors to enter the café and play past 10 in the evening. linklink2


So if you will start an internet cafe on one of these cities, I recommend that you target college students… or better yet, find another location that doesn’t have ordinances like these.

Personally I find some of these ordinances one sided. They don’t take into consideration the health of local small businesses like a cybercafe, internet cafe or a lan shop. Don’t get me wrong, students should be studying during their class hours, but an ordinance that prohibits the entry of a student in an internet cafe during regular class hours regardless if they will do research or school work on their break time is way tooooooooooooooo strict!

But if an ordinance also shows consideration to the business like controlling the number of internet cafe within an area and with certain distance apart from each other… then it’s a win-win situation.

To sum it up, below are the general message being conveyed by such regulations on internet cafe in the Philippines. Some cities especially rural areas still don’t have such regulations. Again, it depends on the local government on what they want to implement and how strict they really are in implementing them.
  1. Students are not allowed to play games during regular class hours. Do not motivate students in skipping class.
  2. Adult oriented websites are bad. Internet cafe owners should prevent customers from accessing these websites. This is through the installation of filtering software. Posting of warning signs are sometimes required.
  3. Prohibited drugs, intoxicating drinks, selling of cigarettes, and smoking are prohibited inside Internet Cafe Establishments
  4. Private or closed cubicles are not allowed to prevent indecent activities like online sex.
I recall when I had my internet cafe, my icafe admin’s tag line is….
“Ok lang na mag-aral kayo… wag lang nyong pabayaan ang paglalaro!!!” (It’s ok to study, just don’t forget to take care of your gaming activities!!!)
If you have something to say about such ordinances, feel free to leave a message. 😉