Internet Cafe Financial Statement ROI Calculator Tool

Any entrepreneur’s goal is to earn profit that is why financial statements and forecasts are important. So let’s start with me SHOWING YOU THE MONEY for an internet cafe. I have created this free tool for you to easily see if an internet cafe business (on certain business factors like pricing, operational hours etc.) is profitable or not. You simply need to enter the values like:

  1. Total budget for computer purchase
  2. Cost of a computer unit type
  3. How many computers are for gaming and surfing
  4. Your planned per hour rate (charge to customers)

Play with it, and imagine different scenarios for your soon to be internet cafe… scenarios like:

  1. Low computer rent price
  2. Higher computer rent price
  3. Longer operation hours
  4. Higher number of computers for gaming
  5. Etc. Etc.

You can download it in this link (note: just like our FB page to unlock the download). Once downloaded, you can tweak it as you like and find the right scenario for your internet cafe.

Start imagining all the things you need to do, to make sure that you get that perfect scenario. You revisit this financial forecast from time to time to give you that extra motivational push you will need in starting up your internet cafe. From there you plan and ACT!

If the tool show that on a pessimistic view, you will have a negative cashflow… and even on a “just right” point of view then I am recommending that you find another location and re-enter your values.

Here’s the video tutorial of the tool: