The One Thing You Need the Most in Starting an Internet Cafe

You are now reading this because you are interested in having your own internet cafe in the Philippines or in any part of the world. But guess what, your “interest” is not enough to have your dream come into reality.

In my opinion (no statistics really but base on personal observation):

  • Less than 10% of people actually do things that make their dreams into a reality
  • 20% of people only watch others
  • 70% of people wonder how others made their dreams come true.

What you need is a “Burning Desire” to make this dream into a reality. I will tell you right now that this is not an easy task. Errr… but of course if you are reading my articles it’s easier than having no clues at all on how to start an internet cafe. Take note that you will need to overcome many challenges, be it from negative comments of your love ones, comments from strangers, financial challenges, time constraints, conflicts on other commitments there’s a lot to list them all in here… but the biggest challenge you need to overcome will be coming from YOU. Yes you will need to overcome self doubt, laziness or the Spanish and Filipino term mana na habit (putting tasks that can be completed today tomorrow).

The great Napoleon Hill (author of the Law of Success), mentioned about having a burning desire in order to achieve success. It is not enough that you “want” something, especially something of this huge thing that requires, time, money and effort.

How much do you desire a business of your own? You should be asking this question over and over again. If you answer… I just want to try this out… I just want to have a second income… I wonder how it would feel to be the boss of my own business etc.  then stop reading this, you are just wasting your time.

Did I say stop reading this?

Ok, I know that’s a little bit over acting ha ha. But if you desire to have a business of your own and that business is an internet cafe, then go ahead… read on!

Short Personal Story. Let me tell you my story (no it’s not a long one, don’t worry). This is important for you to understand, in putting up any type of business you need to have that higher level of focus and determination that most people don’t have. And the most important thing you need to know is “the REASON”… Yes… “the REASON”… what is the reason why you want to have a business of your own? Just to put up an internet cafe? That’s it? What?

Mine was to escape from being an employee in an industry that I felt I’m not shining or engaged. I was a production supervisor in a manufacturing company but my passion was always in computer technology. I want computers computers computers and the technology around it. I thought that having an internet cafe was a perfect “transition” plan for me to have a career shift to the Software Industry. I wanted… no, I DESIRED to have a business of my own at the young age of 26 and with sheer determination I was able to put up an internet cafe in my hometown and eventually succeeded to have a career in the software industry after taking some computer training. I was able to do so because I own my time. I sold my business and now working in my dream job in the I.T. Industry. Anytime soon, I’m looking into going back to having a business of my own again… armed with the business experience and management experience I gained through the years.

I thought to myself, all men who are working as an employee will eventually retire and most will try to put up a business of their own in their old age. For me this is a very very dangerous plan. Why? Because you are already old, you have little energy to start from the ground and build your small business… it would be easier if you are young. It’s dangerous because you will invest your retirement money to a business you don’t have experience on!

Small Business Success Rate. Do you know what the success rate of having a business?

Based on http://www.bahramibiz.com/blog/2010/10/18/interesting-stats-small-business-success-rate

  • First Year – 85% success
  • Second Year – 70% success
  • Third year – 62% success
  • Fourth Year – 55% success
  • Fifth Year 50% success
  • Sixth Year – 47% success
  • Seventh Year – 44% success
  • Eighth Year – 41% success
  • Ninth Year – 38% success
  • Tenth Year – 35% success

Only 50% of new small business will fail on its fifth year, imagine that! In my opinion these numbers are high. So if you start young, and if you fail, at least you can come back… you can recover because you still have TIME on your side. Together with the experience and learning you had from your failure, you will be much more able to succeed the next time around. Now, I don’t mean that you slack yourself here, just because you have time on your side, it doesn’t mean that it is ok for you to fail. It is reality that most business start up fails, instead of slacking or having a feeling of discouragement…. this should be a reason to push yourself even more! For you to be included in the small percentage of people succeeding.

If you are not that young anymore, don’t be discouraged also, what you need now more than ever is a way to invest with confidence! This is through learning from people who have been there and experienced the business firsthand. And you are on the right track right now by reading this. Good for you! 🙂

Trait of Successful People. One trait of successful people is that they admit that they need other people for them to succeed. That is why by taking other people’s skills, knowledge and experience you are adding theirs to yours. This is the true power of leveraging on other people. By sharing my experience to you, you will avoid the mistakes I had and you will repeat the success I had.

So I am telling you right now… find YOUR REASON for DESIRING to have an Internet Cafe Business. With that reason, you fuel the fire of DESIRE in your heart!

If you are ready let’s start this exciting journey!