The Best Way To Make Extra Money – Most Internet Cafe Owners Don’t Know About

Make Extra Money For Internet CafeOnce you have setup your internet cafe, you can actually make extra money with other add-on businesses. Usually internet cafe here in the Philippines also provides extra services like the following to earn extra money. But I will share with you a MUCH LUCRATIVE business other than these TRADITIONAL businesses that will take advantage of you having an internet cafe or simply just having a computer and access to the internet. If only I have known about this when I had my internet cafe, I have not gone back to being an employee!

Traditional iCafe Add-on Businesses:

  • Printing Services
  • Creating Personalized Card (for different occasions)
  • Digital Photography
  • Typing Services
  • Selling Snacks and Refreshments
  • Selling Prepaid Cards (eLoad, call cards, game cards etc)
  • Selling school supplies (if near schools)
  • Selling computer supplies
  • Selling cellphone accessories
  • Internet Calls
  • Web Design
  • CD/DVD Burning, MP3 downloads (just observe copyrights law)
  • Computer repair services
  • Fax services
  • Photocopying
  • Laminating
  • Game Rental through popular consoles like the PlayStation and X-Box
  • Online Payment Assistance (e.g. flight tickets, bills)


The above list are pretty nice right? Some internet cafe owners reports that they earn more from these add-ons compared with their internet and computer rentals.

But as I’ve said, there is a more LUCRATIVE way of making extra money (LOTS OF MONEY) that only requires the following:

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Burning desire to earn more money (in dollars)

Since you have reached this far, I know you are a VERY SERIOUS entrepreneur just like me.

As I’ve said, If only I have known this when I was still self employed and have my internet cafe… I would have never came back as an employee. But now, even if I’m doing this on my free time… I am making extra money (in dollars) even while I am SLEEPING!

I believe you are aware of the term “passive income”. Wherein once you have setup a money vehicle, you virtually don’t need to do anything for it to earn money on autopilot. The most common passive income people knows is time deposit. But this has a very low return.

I’m not talking about stocks, MLM/networking, mutual fund. I’m talking about making money ONLINE, through the internet.

Since you have an internet cafe, the best way to take advantage of your time and resource is to make money online. I guess you are still wondering what is this all about?

To show you proof that you can earn money online, here’s a blog of my close friend (Jayson) http://www.makeextramoneyonline.org

Together we are making money online and building more and more of these “money vehicles” to increase our passive income. If you want to know more check this site

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